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A blog about enjoying the little things, getting outside in nature and being creative but most of all relaxing and enjoying the time you have with your kids.

About me 

Mama Bear (sometimes grizzly) to a wonderful (but unpredictable) 4 year old and an adorable (but crazy) French Bulldog. 

I’ve always loved being outdoors, walking, foraging, just being in nature has always calmed my mind and inspired my creativity.

Moving into an old cottage with an old garden to go with it, my love of gardening was born. I just loved the growing, the colour and the joy of the changing seasons. I was so motivated to craft and make and spent any free time pursuing my creative passions.

When my son was born, I saw the garden and any kind of creativity as an indulgence I just didn’t have time to do. The garden became a bit of a mess, I stopped ‘making things’ and just ploughed through the days as most Mums do. 

Then during the Spring of 2020 I decided to pot a few plants and up toddles my son and started to join in, as the summer wore on our little garden grew. We had beautiful Sunflowers, a herb garden, a mini veg plot but best of all I’d had a wonderful summer being outside with my son.

On rainy days we would make things, mainly simple crafts using foraged items from walks or simple decorative items for the garden. Suddenly I felt creative again, we had motivated each other, by relaxing and taking time to enjoy the little things.

A seed was sown, we both had this shared love of being outdoors and being creative. It inspired me to find more ways for us to enjoy this time together. As the restrictions were lifted and we could venture further than the garden it became my mission to make the most of our time and to go on as many adventures as we could.

It also inspired a personal motivation, to make more time to spend with my family but to also do the things I enjoy without feeling guilty. I realised that by taking time out for myself I was a calmer, happier person to be around having a positive effect on my son and our relationship. 

Finding activities which are both enjoyable and worthwhile has become my passion, I am always researching and looking for places to go and things to do. 

Some are big adventures, some are simple 10 minute activities, so hopefully you will find something which will inspire you to take a bit of time out to Potter & Play.


What you will find in the blog

  • Seasonal activities ideas
  • Outdoor adventure ideas 
  • Fun things to do in nature
  • Nature Crafts
  • Nature facts 
  • Gardening Ideas and tips
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